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We are independent engineers and for more than 25 years familiar with the technology and the function of critical power supplies. We support you at different levels in the definition and calculation of components and systems.

For the analysis of operations, we offer experience and detailed knowledge to understand errors that have occurred and to assess the likelihood of future errors.

Thus, we contribute to effective risk reduction and future failover.

Because …

Technology and risk needs trust


If you want to exclude the risks and costs of power outages in the electricity supply
rely on experienced and trusted partners.


Engineers develop solutions

For Darrelmann + Partner Ingenieure the central task is the optimization of economic
and security-related customer needs with advanced development tools.

We know from daily experience how our environment and its complexity with the growth of technological progress have been changed.

Thus, the current failure of a television station is just annoying, but a losing online business might not be repeatable, and connected with an economic loss. More automated processes are already leading to unpredictable consequences for cost and safety to a large extent.

The higher the required reliability, the more complex the power supply needs to be designed, often in a redundant configuration. The selection of the equipment must be carefully planned, depending on whether static or dynamic UPS and potentially diesel generators are used. Especially with the expansion of existing facilities with different or new products require in advance meaningful analyzes for their cooperation.

Planning – Analysis – Calculation – Assistance

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